5 Key Elements That Make A 6 Figure Female Entrepreneur

As a High-Performance Productivity Ambassador, my mission is to work with female entrepreneurs helping them to overcome procrastination so that they can become more productive in their business and skyrocket their success to six figures.


Because we all have a responsibility to share our gifts and talents with the world. There is no reason why we shouldn’t make a decent living helping others and enjoy what we do.

Over the past couple of months, I have been studying successful female entrepreneurs. I wanted to find out what were the major factors contributing to their success.

Although they appeared to have many elements in common,

I am only going to share the ones that I found to be the most significant.

5  Key Elements That Make  A  6   Figure Female  Entrepreneur


The first and most important element that stood out was that these ladies take their business seriously.

They do not treat it like a side hustle or hobby. They show up dressed and ready to work- these are not ladies that hang out in their PJs or work on their laptop while in bed.

6 Figure Female Entrepreneurs know that when they give their business the respect it deserves, others are much more likely to do so too.


Successful Female Entrepreneurs set clear boundaries with their family around the time they need to spend in their business.

They don’t just work in their business when they can. They create a business schedule with office hours and they stick to it. Thus, their family is clear when they are available and when they are not.

6 Figure Female entrepreneurs are busy women, like most of us they juggle a lot of balls. But these ladies understand the difference between quality and quantity. They place boundaries around family time, and partner time. They are very clear about this, thus, when they are with their family, they show up 100%.

These are not the women you see on their cell phones surfing the internet at family events. Family time is family time. It is the same for partner time too.

If you give the best to the people that you love when you are with them, you are less likely to feel guilty when you are not. And they in turn are more likely to respect your energy and time.


The most successful female entrepreneurs all have systems in place that support the running of their business:

This is often a checklist of activities around basic everyday practices such as client onboarding, content creation, marketing, etc.

Systems help to be more efficient and organized while reducing chaos and stress.

It is much easier to hand over lower grade tasks to a V/A when there are systems in place.

Successful entrepreneurs understand the importance of leveraging their time.

These women tend to focus on two things only:

(a) providing quality service and or a product

(b) generating income

Thus, they have no problem outsourcing to other support services

such as ODesk/Upwork/Fiverr or even hiring a V/A.

6 Figure female entrepreneurs understand that you have to step up if you want your business to grow. The easiest way to do that is through the creation of automation, outsourcing and systems.


6 Figure Female Entrepreneurs recognize the value of investing in their personal growth. They see this as being an investment in their business.

They believe that they can build their business faster and achieve more in less time. They are thus willing to invest in guidance, mentorship, and support.

These ladies are open-minded, resourceful, and creative when it comes to their investment in learning. They will invest in podcasts, books, courses, masterminds, mentorship, and coaching programs.

They will invest in any form of education that boosts their productivity and income.

This includes personal growth programs, technical training, marketing programs and, business management.

They understand the gap between where they are and where they want to be. They know that in order to move forward they have to let go of where they are and more than often this takes accountability, education, and support.


6 Figure Female Entrepreneurs understand the power of investing in themselves. Thus, they practice self-care. Radical Self-Care. They know that they are the most important asset in their business and if something happens to them, they won’t have a business so they take care of themselves – very well.

They exercise, eat well, meditate, relax, play and have fun.

These ladies understand that the #1 factor behind Radical Self-Care is the idea of balance. They know that when they are in balance, they are less likely to be blindsided by fear and other negative emotions that can sabotage their success. Coming from a place of balance allows them to be clear,  focused, and grounded in their business.

6 Figure Female Entrepreneurs are “High Performing  Kick-Ass Babes,” who are confident and empowered. 

If you are a Female Entrepreneur striving to be successful and you are ready to incorporate some of the key elements previously described, DM me, let’s have a  discussion and see how you can get the ball rolling and start moving in the right direction.



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