The Three Social Marketing Pet Peeves that Push People Away

Whether good or bad, Covid-19 has forced us out of our shell to connect and engage in conversations with people locally and across the world. There are many advantages to us doing this but it can also be annoying . 

If truth be told online networking is different. There is no manual or guidelines that tell us how to network on line, so most of us are learning   as we go along.

I am going to share my  3 top peeves with you here and now.

Peeve #1

People who just introduce themselves  and then immediately try to sell you their product or services are annoying. ‘Hello, if you don’t  even try to get to know me ‘I “aint gonna”  buy from you.’

It is easy to forget the basic principles of marketing, people   buy from those who they  KNOW, LIKE, & TRUST.

 Marketing rule # 1 still stands.

You have to build a relationship with the other person first, get to know them a bit before launching into what you  want to sell.    Without doing this, you are  literally saying  “Hello, Lets go to bed.”

Who does that?

 When I see people doing this it smacks of ignorance and desperation.

 Peeve #2

One morning I woke up to find someone, I had no idea who she was, had posted 3 videos on my Facebook Profile Page. I’m sure   her videos were good, but I did not bother to  view them, because I couldn’t believe that she had the gumption to do that.

It’s disconcerting  to find a video  out of the blue, unrelated to anything you are talking about,  on your page from someone who you don’t know. Yet people think it’s ok to do this.

That is the equivalent of  a stranger walking in your house, sitting down to watch TV in  your living room without being invited.  

It’s just plain rude!

Don’t  promote  your personal  content on someone’s profile page without  getting their permission to do so.

Peeve #3

I know that we are all learning and this social media thing  has rules of its own and honestly I have  probably broken a few etiquette rules myself due to ignorance just not knowing. But it is important to learn.

If someone takes the time to comment  and provide feedback to you on one of your posts do take the time to respond and comment back. It’s just good manners. It’s also encouraging and once again  it builds relationships. After all isn’t that what  we are trying to do on social media.

Here’s the thing- without the relationship  you can not sell.  I will say it again, the basic principles of marketing still stand. People buy from those who they KNOW LIKE & TRUST. Without including this in your marketing you are just wasting your time.

Let’s focus on  building relationships first. Because there is no way that I am engaging with someone from another country around crypto currency if I have no idea who they are and what they are about.

Does that even make sense?

So think about your social media networking and how your coming across.


About Em-Powered-Solutions

Veronica's purpose in life has been to inspire, motivate and empower individuals and organizations to help them to find creative solutions in transforming their situation or circumstances. She has a demonstrated track record of making a difference in the lives of people and organizations. Her expertise includes services in the area of public speaking presentations, key note addresses; facilitation of seminars and workshops in the following areas: health, wellness, stress management, self esteem building, relationship building, emotional healing, empowerment strategies, personal motivation and growth with large and small organizations, as well as providing 1-1 counselling and coaching to individuals in these areas.
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