Overcoming Procrastination A Discussion with Cheryl Henry-Knowles Over At The Coaches Corner

Join me in a delightful discussion with Cheryl  Henry-Knowles over at Coaches Corner where we talk about Overcoming Procrastination.

We talk about energy, stress, and I also share a few simple hacks that you can use right away to help you get in touch with your procrastination tendencies.

Feel free to connect with me over in my Facebook Community The Overcoming Procrastination Female Entrepreneurs Sisterhood where I share tips. tools, strategies, and support to women who are entrepreneurs so they can put their energies back into their business and skyrocket their success.


You can also download a copy of my latest complimentary guide the 3 Reasons Female Entrepreneurs Procrastinate and How to Fix it.


How do you think Procrastination feeds into your fear of success?


About Em-Powered-Solutions

Veronica's purpose in life has been to inspire, motivate and empower individuals and organizations to help them to find creative solutions in transforming their situation or circumstances. She has a demonstrated track record of making a difference in the lives of people and organizations. Her expertise includes services in the area of public speaking presentations, key note addresses; facilitation of seminars and workshops in the following areas: health, wellness, stress management, self esteem building, relationship building, emotional healing, empowerment strategies, personal motivation and growth with large and small organizations, as well as providing 1-1 counselling and coaching to individuals in these areas.
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