Eliminate Your Fear of Success

We all know about fear of failure but have you heard about the fear of success?

The fear and anxiety that some people have on a deep interpersonal level about actually achieving what it is they actually want.

If you find yourself achieving only small, fleeting successes, but the great things you deserve always seem just out of reach, you may be the victim of your fear of success.

 Your fear of success may be tough to identify and understand because the causes are frequently hidden from conscious awareness. Your fear may be lurking in your subconscious mind and you may never even discover that this challenge exists within you without some real probing.

 Yet, this fear can cause you to sabotage your pursuit of your most cherished dreams. So how do you find out if your actions are motivated by fear of success?

Is the Fear of Success Sabotaging You?

The power of   writing in your journal about  this question can  enlighten your understanding of your relationship  with this topic.

Think of a goal that you’d like to achieve. Then, take 20-30 minutes and answer the following question: “What will happen if I succeed?” Write down everything you can think of – both good and bad consequences of achieving your goal.

It’s important to take at least 20 minutes to answer the question. Your early answers are likely to be superficial. Simply keep writing for at least 20 minutes. Put down everything that comes to mind. Nothing is too silly or too small. If, after 20 minutes, you’re still getting good stuff, then keep on going.

Suppose your goal is to make $250,000 this year. In your excitement, you might quickly write down some of the things you’ve wanted to buy, and, once you have the money, you can. But then, as you delve further into all your feelings about achieving your goal, some of the not-so-positive consequences of your achievement begin to appear.

Some of these consequences may reveal things you fear happening if you really achieved your goal.

Goals are never completely free of fear. Achievement always involves change, and all change involves some apprehension.

You might truly desire to be successful, but if the feelings of fear due to the changes outweigh the positive feelings in your mind, progress will be slow and challenging.

Eliminating Your Fear of Success

If you can make yourself aware of your apprehensions, you have the opportunity to challenge them and if you can’t eliminate them you can at least minimize them.

Looking directly at these fears is very powerful. Fears that are not acknowledged tend to grow stronger. Fears that are examined tend to be minimized, which will help you to take empowered action towards the completion of your goal.

Ultimately, if you look closely at your fears, you’ll see that the perceived side effects are what often seem scariest when pursing goals.  But the question to ask yourself, is simply this:

Is this fear real or is it a story that I am telling myself?

If you can begin to explore the story, the next question to ask is yourself is this:

What do I need to do to let this story go?

And finally, you need to ask the following question:

When will I be ready to let this story go?

 So, there you have it 3 power questions that CAN help you to tackle your fear of success.

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The Bully Within Master Your Inner Critic Maximize Your Potential.

Go ahead!

Tackle your fears head on so you can start living your life and achieving your dreams today!

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