International Women’s Day A Case Study in Mentoring Young Women

As International Women’s Day March 8th approaches I am called to review the last three client testimonies that I recently received.

linkiedin womensday

Normally, the clients I serve are in the over forties age group: mature women, older women, female entrepreneurs juggling with the challenges and multiples stressors of every-day life.


I’m not sure why, but for a while my client base shifted to women in their early twenties. What started out as coaching ended up as mentoring – and for me that was okay.


I have to say that I was truly humbled by this experience. Helping these young women seek, acknowledge and find, the power they had within themselves was not only a delight for me to see, that discovery, was a delight for them too.


Each week as they eagerly shared their stories, situations and circumstances with me, they demonstrated the challenges of being young women finding their way in today’s complex world.


Each time they were forced to step up and step into their power, set boundaries and limits with people in their lives, it created a snowball effect that propelled their confidence, self-esteem, self-value and self-respect.


It was a privilege for me to witness these young women embrace their own inspirational vision for their future and to explore the options, possibilities and choices available to them.

These young women were ready they were like sponges soaking up the information and resources provided, as they began to come into their own.


Here is what they had to say about their experience:

“When I started seeing Veronica, I knew I wanted to improve and heal myself but didn’t know where to start.  In the work we did together I was reminded of my self-worth and was able to begin my healing journey. “


“The number one thing I learned is to take care of myself.  True self love is about respecting yourself beyond the exterior.”


“You were the kick in the ass I needed. You challenged me to be more responsible……. I was able to see that I am not alone and that with patience I can eventually become the best version of myself.”

Working with a younger age group of women has served to remind me of the role and responsibility we older women have towards the younger female generation; the need for us to share our knowledge, experience, wisdom as women navigating the complexities of this fast pace world.


The lessons and learning from this experience have caused me to reflect on the importance of mentorship and how it is still much needed.


So, as we reach another International Women’s Day, I challenge the women of my generation to reach out and mentor a younger woman. (someone who is not your child)  Provide   some support, leadership and direction  to a young woman. It will help them to grow into the strong beautiful human beings they were meant to be; it will help us older women to grow too.


I don’t know about you but I think the world needs feminine energy right now.

So, with that being said: “Here’s to Mentoring.”


Happy International Women’s Day



About Em-Powered-Solutions

Veronica's purpose in life has been to inspire, motivate and empower individuals and organizations to help them to find creative solutions in transforming their situation or circumstances. She has a demonstrated track record of making a difference in the lives of people and organizations. Her expertise includes services in the area of public speaking presentations, key note addresses; facilitation of seminars and workshops in the following areas: health, wellness, stress management, self esteem building, relationship building, emotional healing, empowerment strategies, personal motivation and growth with large and small organizations, as well as providing 1-1 counselling and coaching to individuals in these areas.
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