The Top 10 List of the Most Self-Sabotaging Entrepreneurial Behaviours that Cause Impostor Syndrome

Do you struggle with self-doubt and questions your abilities as an entrepreneur?

Do you feel like a fraud sometimes and worry that people will find out that is how you feel internally,  despite the contrary  external evidence of your abilities?

Does Impostor Syndrome affect your mindset as an entrepreneur?


The fact is that if Impostor Syndrome is interfering with your mindset it is interfering in your business.

  • It affects how you show up
  • It affects how you promote yourself
  • It affects how you interact with others
  • It affects how your manifest abundance
  • ……..And that affects your bottom line financially


Here is a list of 10  self-sabotaging   behaviours that entrepreneurs   display  that can  cause  Impostor Syndrome.  Identifying with  any three items on this list, is an indicator that Impostor Syndrome is lurking around and affecting your entrepreneurial mindset on some level.


  1. You are afraid to put yourself and your services out into the world because you fear failure or rejection


  1. You’re so overwhelmed with anxiety that you procrastinate and have difficulty following through and getting things done


  1. You are in a constant state of busyness and disorganization because you are unclear, ungrounded and unfocussed and use this as a form of distraction and avoidance


  1. You doubt your abilities so you chase after every course, workshop and training there is thereby staying in learning mode and not shifting to earning mode


  1. You have difficulty owning the value of yourself and your services so you don’t charge what you are worth or you keep giving away your services for free


  1. Without knowing what goes on behind the scenes you to compare yourself and your performance to other entrepreneurs who you feel are more successful than you, thereby creating your own sense of despair


  1. Constantly working from push energy and failing to implement replenishing energy activities in your life creating high levels of stress that lead to burn out


  1. Feeling insecure about your talents, skills and the services that you provide and fearing that people will find out that you feel insecure


  1. Difficulty accepting praise and compliments and difficulty enjoying your success


  1. Trying to do everything on your own without getting  the right support to bolster  the areas that  you do not thrive in.


Stop sabotaging your success.



If Impostor Syndrome is interfering with your mindset and wreaking havoc with how you show up in your business then Impostor Syndrome Your Kickass Guide to Recovery  the online course is now  ready and waiting for you.

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