The Power of Tapping

One of the most powerful energy practices I love to use with clients is EFT  Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping.  You can join me on my Facebook Live February 14th at 7:30 pm EST as demonstrate how I use Tapping  to eliminate those pesky  Imposter Syndrome thoughts.  Here is a  simple illustration of the tapping points that I use when utilizing this method.  Click link here.

Module 4_ The Illustrated Tapping (Edited)

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Lessons from Stress

women stress

My recent presentation on Buzztalk radio  was about my favourite topic stress and stress  management and the importance of self care.   See the link here.  All feedback is welcome.

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Say “Yes to the Power of Saying “No”

The importance of establishing personal boundaries with the people in your life.

Earlier in the month of December  before all of the holiday frenzy,  I had to opportunity to have a  chat with Krisha Young on her podcast Cabernet and Kale. Take a listen at the link below as we talk about  the power of creating healthy boundaries.


Copy/paste link attached. Enjoy

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Mastering Cultural Diversity: 5 Reflective Questions That Will Make You an Effective Manager

Source: Mastering Cultural Diversity: 5 Reflective Questions That Will Make You an Effective Manager

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Just Five Minutes

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survey womenforms

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My Self-Esteem Movie


My Definition: 

“Self esteem is the art of  knowinStrongSelfImageg who you are and what you want, trusting your heart and  living a truly authentic life based on your own sense  of self-worth and values. It is about being totally unapologetic  about what you stand for regardless of what others  might think of you. It is from this perspective that you  hold self respect for yourself, while garnering self-respect for others.”

So just be and live who you are.

Enjoy the mini movie of self-esteem quotes that I created.

See the link here.

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Hillary Speaks Out American Women and Public Service


It was good to see Hillary Clinton back on the public stage participating in a Women’s International Day event in New York City. If ever there was an example of resilience and “bounce back ability” she would be it.


Describing her failed campaign to be elected as the first female president of the USA as “life handing her setbacks,” Clinton  heralded  the support and encouragement she received from her family and friends as being pivotal in her journey back from “failure to success.”  (

It seems that her time in retreat has been spent on reflection and she is moving to a place of renewal and is now  planning the next stage of her career.

Failure to Success: Lessons from Hillary


Although the former secretary of state talked about the need for more women to  actively run for public office and take on leadership roles in their communities, she did not talk about the tough veneer those women need  to have  in order to play in  a US political  arena dominated by misogynistic men.


Unlike many other countries throughout the world Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, India,  Israel, Jamaica,  Norway, Poland………  the list goes on, who have managed to accept the idea that a woman can lead a country, the USA alas, is  not yet  ready to break that  glass ceiling.


The political fiasco in Washington that the world is witnessing right now, sadly sends a message to women that  no matter how much public leadership experience you have, no matter how smart, intelligent, and suitable a candidate you are, we would rather elect a man to run the country, even if he his disingenuous, lacks the skills, values, and temperament required for the position.


In spite of this set back, the number of women running for public office has risen sharply since Clinton lost the 2016 Presidential Election.

In her International Women’s Day 2017 message, Clinton reminds us that “the unfinished business of the 21st Century is the “shattering of stereotypes” and  the full equality of women.” In this regard the  many women who are now running for public office in the USA will need unrelenting support.


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